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Tropical Vacation Destination Essentials

Are you headed on a tropical vacation destination? Perhaps somewhere in the Caribbean? Maybe Hawaii or the Florida Keys? Or even somewhere even more bucket-list worthy like the Maldives, Fiji, Bora Bora, or the Seychelles? Even if you’re just taking a quick road trip to the beach an hour away… this list is for you! Now, this is not your typical packing list. Nonetheless, if that what you’re looking for, I actually have one, which you can find here. This list is the must-have essentials that you might not necessarily think to pack – but you absolutely need to have for a tropical vacation destination! You must certainly check it out! 

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Kayy's 8 Essentials for a Tropical Vacation Destination

1) Dry Bags: An absolute necessity for a Tropical Vacation Destination

For any destination where you’ll come into contact with water, you’ll without doubt want a dry bag. There are smaller ones, which you can actually wear on your person, and are able to be fully submerged in water. Additionally, there are the larger ones to keep water off of things such as extra clothes or other essential while boating or on the beach. Check out some of my favorites below. 

2) Waterproof Phone Case

This phone case is extremely important, especially if your smart phone is your primary camera and video recording device. With a waterproof phone case, you can bring your phone anywhere – even swimming – and it doesn’t interfere with the camera quality. The first link is the case I’ve used myself and it even protected my phone when it accidentally took a dive to the bottom of the ocean in Sint Maarten. 

3) Snorkel Gear

Snorkel gear costs about $25-35 USD to rent for half a day. That can really add up if you want to snorkel more than once on your vacation. That’s why I recommend purchasing your own equipment and taking it with you! Then you can snorkel any time, anywhere. Oh, and if you wear glasses like me, did you know they even make prescription masks?! Check out link number 3!

4) Beach Shoes

Tropical destinations are quite hot. Walking on the sand, on a boardwalk, or from the parking lot to the ocean can burn your feet! You also may want some protection in the water – potential rocks or coral can cut up the bottoms of your feet! Waterproof shoes are essential for these reasons. 

5) Turkish Towel

Turkish Towels are my favorite types of towels to bring with me. Why? They are lightweight, easy to pack, and dry quickly! Oh, and they always have the best designs!

6) Reef-Safe Sunscreen

Did you know a lot of sunscreens are actually harmful to the coral found in reefs? If you are planning on being in the water at all in a tropical destination, you’ll definitely want to invest in reef-safe sunscreen!

7) Light Rain Jacket: Particularly Necessary for a Tropical Vacation Destination

This is extremely necessary, as most tropical destinations experience quite a lot of rain. The rain tends to come and go throughout the day, so my suggestion is to pack a light jacket in your daypack that you can easily grab and put away. 

8) Water Filter

This is not necessary specifically for a tropical destination, in fact, it’s useful for any destination outside of your home country. The drinking water is different everywhere you go, hence you don’t want to get yourself sick on your vacation. Definitely come prepared with a water filter. This way you can always have fresh water, filtered straight from the tap in your hotel room!

In summary, here is my must-have essentials for any tropical destination! Please note, I am an Amazon Associate, which, in short, means I do earn from any qualifying purchases that you may make from the links above. This comes at no cost to you as the buyer. Despite the fact that I do get commission for purchases made from these links, I stand fully behind these products and have used many of them (or variations of them) myself.

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Tropical Vacation Destination Essentials
Tropical Vacation Destination Essentials
Tropical Vacation Destination Essentials

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