restaurants in saint martin
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The Finest Restaurants in Saint Martin

Enjoying food at a good restaurant in a new place is one of my favorite parts of traveling. For me, cuisine can sometimes make or break my experience at a destination. In my week of travel around the island, I ate at many different restaurants in Saint Martin. To be completely honest with you, I can’t say I had a single bad meal during my trip!

Below you will find my list of every restaurant in Saint Martin I ate at during my vacation. I included information on the following for each: location, price range, atmosphere/decor, service, and of course, the food!

Restaurants in Saint Martin (Sint Maarten): The Dutch Side

Mullet Bay

Da Waterhole ($/BBQ)

  • Atmosphere & Decor: Lively & Fun
  • Service: Great 
  • Food: Flavorful

My favorite part: The price of the drinks. You really can’t beat $3 beers, can you? I was pleasantly surprised by this when I ordered here while visiting Mullet Bay Beach. I also ordered a Pina Colada, which I can’t remember the price of off-hand. However, I remember it was significantly cheaper than the cocktails I ordered at other restaurants in Saint Martin.

Da Waterhole Website

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restaurants in saint martin

Simpson Bay

Palapa Lounge ($$$/Steak & Seafood)

  • Atmosphere & Decor: Classy & Unique
  • Service: Good
  • Food: Excellent

My favorite part: Definitely the way this place is set up. It is quite a unique restaurant. The front half of the restaurant has a hostess stand and a bar to the left. To the right, a maze of gardens, fountains, and arrangements of seating areas that leads to the dining area. It is beautiful and gives off definite Alice in Wonderland vibes. The dining area is just as beautiful, with chandeliers hanging from the ceiling and gorgeous flower displays on the table. This is all outdoors, by the way, as a canvas ceiling is above you, but no walls anywhere. The chocolate mousse dessert I had here was pretty great as well!

restaurants in saint martin
restaurants in saint martin
restaurants in saint martin
restaurants in saint martin

Sunset Bar & Grill ($$/American)

  • Atmosphere & Decor: Laid Back & Colorful 
  • Service: Decent 
  • Food: Satisfactory

My favorite part: The location. The Sunset Bar & Grill is located right on Maho Airport Beach. Because of this, it is situated perfectly to see the incoming flights about to land at Princess Juliana Airport. We ate here at sunset. As a result, we were able to catch a few landings and the sunset over the water simultaneously. As a vegetarian, I unfortunately couldn’t eat much off of the menu. However, the view made up for my simple meal of mozzarella sticks.

Sunset Bar & Grill Website

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restaurants in saint martin
restaurants in saint martin

Vesna Taverna ($$/French, Mediteranean & Caribbean Fusion)

  • Atmosphere & Decor: Relaxed & Cozy
  • Service: Extraordinary 
  • Food: Delicious

My favorite part: A toss-up between the service and the food. Our server was extremely sweet. She went above and beyond, making sure all our questions were answered and we had everything we needed. I ordered the Goat Cheese Salad off the “specials” menu and it was to die for. The cheese was dipped in batter and fried, then placed on top of a variety of vegetables. As someone who loves both cheese and vegetables, I was in heaven. 

restaurants in saint martin
restaurants in saint martin

Restaurants in Saint Martin (St. Martin): The French Side

Grand Case

Rib Shack Lolo No. 6 Restaurant & Bar ($/Caribbean BBQ)

  • Atmosphere & Decor: Genuine & Simple
  • Service: Quality 
  • Food: Authentic 

My favorite part: The Authenticity. This restaurant in Saint Martin was the one place we went that felt authentically Caribbean. I cannot take credit for finding it, as we were brought there on our tour with Aqua Mania Adventures. The seating is nothing fancy, just simple wooden benches and tables. However, the restaurant is situated right on the beautiful, blue water, and the view is just jaw-dropping.The large grill is out in the open, where all the meat is cooked only a few feet away. I can’t attest for how the barbecue is, as I had a vegetarian platter, however, the sides are delicious! I, of course, also can’t say how Caribbean food is “supposed” to taste. However, I would imagine that this is it.

Rib Shack Lolo No. 6 TripAdvisor Page

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restaurants in saint martin


Creperie Du Lagon ($$/French)

  • Atmosphere & Decor: Friendly & Modest
  • Service: Wonderful 
  • Food: Mouthwatering

My favorite part: The unexpectedness and the service. We almost didn’t go here. We intended to eat at the place next door. However, it was closed and Creperie Du Lagon was not. I am glad we did though, because it was delicious! I have never had crepes like this. Though I imagine this is what they are like in France (I’ve never been) and this restaurant was super French. As in they spoke to us in French before realizing we were American and the menu was entirely in French. The poor waitress had to translate half the menu for us. Which leads to great service. Another wonderful, sweet waitress, who went above and beyond in making sure we were well taken care of. 

restaurants in saint martin

Orient Bay

Bikini Beach ($$/French)

  • Atmosphere & Decor: Beachy & Modern
  • Service: Acceptable 
  • Food: Divine 

My favorite part: The food. I ordered another Goat Cheese Salad at Bikini Beach. As delicious as the salad was at Vesna Taverna, this was even better! The difference was the “creme-brulee” style in which the cheese was served. Basically, it was broiled sugar on top of the cheese, and it was absolutely delicious alongside the pile of greens.

Bikini Beach Facebook Page

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restaurants in saint martin
restaurants in saint martin

Now that you have read through my post, would you say you have a better idea as to what kind of restaurants you can find around Saint Martin? Let me know in the comments below! I had a great time exploring the island and eating at the many different restaurants in Saint Martin. This post has covered pretty much every main area of Saint Martin, so there should be plenty for you to pick from no matter where you are during a visit. Don’t forget to also check out what to do and how to get around the island of Saint Martin on my blog before you leave!

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restaurants in Saint Martin
restaurants in Saint Martin
restaurants in Saint Martin

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