Gulf Shores Alabama
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The Best of Everything in Gulf Shores Alabama

I’ll keep the intro short and sweet: here is the best of everything in Sweet Home, Gulf Shores Alabama, USA!
Gulf Shores Alabama

The Best Activity In Gulf Shores Alabama: The Beach!

This one is pretty obvious I would imagine and is probably one of the main reasons you’d visit Gulf Shores Alabama. You could go for a full week and do not much else, to be honest. Parking is cheap ($5 for four hours, or $10 per day) for the public beach, and the beach itself, oh. my. goodness. Never in my life have I seen such beautiful white, sand beaches. And before you ask, yes, I’ve been to the Caribbean. Not only were the beaches pure white, but they were also incredibly clean. When I say clean, I mean absolutely spotless! They do a fabulous job keeping up with this place! The water was also a lovely, blue-green color and perfect temperature. I certainly will be back for more!

The Best Restaurant: The Steamer

Scallops are my favorite seafood and The Steamer grills them up perfectly! They came with three sides of my choosing and it was just the right amount to fill me up. The restaurant is located only steps away from the beach, with plenty of outdoor seating, looking out towards the main area of the shores.
Gulf Shores Alabama

The Best Spot for Dessert in Gulf Shores Alabama: Cherry-on-Top

Cherry-on-Top is the cutest ice cream shop. I loved the colors of the shop, but I loved the ice cream it served even more! There were so many options, I had trouble deciding on one (which is why I got two!). It’s one of the highest-rated ice cream spots in Gulf Shores Alabama and I would recommend a visit!

The Best Place for Souvenirs: Beach Boulevard

Along Beach Boulevard, the road parallel to the lovely beach, there are a number of souvenir stores. These are not just simple souvenir shops, these are colorful, multi-story buildings with every type of keepsake you could possibly need or want. From what I could tell, many of these stores are chains, however, all of the items are personalized to the area they are located in.
Gulf Shores Alabama

The Best Place to Stay: Hampton Inn Gulf Shores

Okay, the Hampton Inn Gulf Shores is not the best place to stay, per se, but it’s probably the best value for the area. The prices are reasonable, cheaper than anything of a similar rating that you would find on the beach. The rooms are nicely set up, clean, and quite spacious. This place is less than a five-minute drive to the beach, but only if you happen to hit all the red lights. Some people were even walking from the hotel. The road to the shore is a bit busy, but there is a sidewalk! In addition, the hotel is right across the street from a shopping center and less than two minutes away from the entrance to the beautiful Gulf Shores Alabama State Park, should you decide to do some hiking or biking.
So there you have it! That’s all I’ve got for now, but please let me know what you think of this post by leaving me a comment below or sending me a message! Did I inspire you to visit Gulf Shores Alabama yet? I sure hope so!

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gulf shores alabama
gulf shores alabama
gulf shores alabama

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