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San Juan Puerto Rico Activities

There are a number of interesting activities in San Juan, Puerto Rico to visit and explore. Full of history, charm, and culture, you certainly do not want to miss this city. Below are seven of my favorite activities in San Juan. 

San Juan Puerto Rico Beach

Go to the Beach!

You are probably not surprised that the beach is on this list, or that it is number one. After all, most people do come to San Juan, Puerto Rico for the beaches! They should too because the beaches in the San Juan area are amazing! The sand is clean and the water is both warm (even in February!), and a beautiful color blue. Most importantly, the beaches aren’t crowded, which is an important factor for me. 

Old San Juan Puerto Rico
Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Visit the Historical Forts in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

Two historic forts collectively referred to as the San Juan National Historic Site, reside in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. The photo on the right is Castillo San Felipe del Morro, built by the Spanish between the 1500’s and 1700’s as a defense against attack at the entrance of the Bay of San Juan. The left photo shows off the Castillo San Cristobal, located 2 km away from its counterpart. Construction occurred between the 1500’s and 1600’s, on this defensive fort. Castillo San Cristobal is, interestingly, the largest fort in America. 

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Explore Old San Juan, Puerto Rico

For me, this was the most beautiful part of San Juan. Full of history (including the forts above!), this section of the city makes you feel as though you’ve been transported back in time. Apart from the amazing fortresses, I also loved checking out the architecture around me and the beautiful palm trees that can be found everywhere! You can take some incredible photographs in this area!

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

See San Juan's Capital Building

I love seeing the different Capital Buildings of the cities I visit. They are always so interesting and unique! What I love about this building is that it is directly across the street from a large hill. You can cross the street and take some pretty awesome photos from there. 

Old San Juan Puerto Rico

Calle del Cristo, San Juan, Puerto Rico

This is the “main street” of San Juan. It is full of shops, bakeries, and restaurants that you can stop at for souvenirs, treats, and food. I found many adorable places to stop at and the buildings are super cute and colorful (see picture above!). 

San Juan Puerto Rico
San Juan Puerto Rico

Taste the Local Cuisine

I tasted a variety of dishes while in Puerto Rico. My favorites were the empanadas and fajitas. I’ve had these dishes plenty of times at restaurants near home, but they tasted nothing like this! I highly suggest trying ALL the food while in San Juan. 

Have Some Local Drinks!

The frozen Pina Colada was my favorite, but that Mojito was pretty good too! Definitely come to San Juan and taste some of their delicious, local liquor. 

Have you been to San Juan or anywhere else in Puerto Rico?  Have you done any of the things listed above? If so, how was your experience? Anything else that you believe I should add to my list? Please contact me or comment below, I would love to hear from you! Click here for more of my posts on other destinations in the Caribbean. 


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San Juan Puerto Rico
San Juan Puerto Rico
San Juan Puerto Rico
San Juan Puerto Rico

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