obtaining a travel visa
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Obtaining A Travel Visa: Everything You Need To Know

Obtaining a travel visa can be complicated and confusing. Each country has a different process for tourists obtaining a travel visa in order to enter their country. In addition, there are different requirements for each nationality, which makes the process even more puzzling! You may not even need a visa for certain countries, but you obviously want to check to make sure. It’s always best to be safe than sorry. 

You, of course, can obtain all necessary information on obtaining a travel visa on the country’s government website. If it’s an evisa (or electronic visa) you can usually apply directly on the government site. Other non electronic visas require submitting an application, sometimes in person, at your local embassy, weeks or months in advance. Some travel visas in particular, like to Afghanistan or Cuba for example, are extremely difficult to obtain. It becomes more complicated if you don’t speak or read the language. The application process on the government website is hard to follow. So what is the solution? Is there something that can make this undertaking easier?

Obtaining a Travel Visa: The Simplest & Quickest Solution

So after reading through that first section, you might be thinking, there has to be a search engine of some kind that gives you information on what country requires, which type of visa, for what nationalities? Some kind of service that can take care of the legwork involved in obtaining a travel visa, right? A service with great customer support that can walk you through the process? A resource which keeps its cost low and ensures you receive everything you could possibly need – on time?

How to Use iVisa.com for Obtaining a Travel Visa

Well if you are looking for a service exactly described as above, you’re in luck! I’m here to introduce you to iVisa.com! iVisa is the simplest and quickest solution to obtaining a travel visa before your trip. The process is extremely simple – unlike navigating a government website in a foreign language yourself. 

So here it is: head on over to the iVisa.com homepage (or use the search box below!), input your home country, where you want to travel to, and press the “get started” button! iVisa will let you know in an instant if you need a visa for that country. This also includes what type of visas are available and how much they cost. Currently, iVisa will process electronic visa’s for almost every nationality. They won’t be able to process visas that require you to present yourself in person at your local consulate. However, they provide relevant information in plain English that can help you with the process. iVisa will also provide you with a list of local embassies for you to apply to. They also offer free, 24/7 support as you go through the process.

Additional Travel Documents from iVisa

Despite visa being in the name, iVisa will do more for you besides providing information on, and processing travel visa’s. They provide information on any travel documents you will need before visiting a country and will process any electronic ones on your behalf. For example, you may need a “Tourist Invitation Letter,” which is a requirement for US citizen to enter Russia. If it’s available, you also have the option to register with your country’s embassy in the country you intend to visit – and yes, iVisa.com will do that for you too!

iVisa & COVID Travel Requirements

iVisa has absolutely caught up with the COVID-19 Travel Requirements for international travel! Not only will they process the typical travel documents, iVisa.com now offers easy processing of health declarations, passenger locater forms, travel requests, etc. They also provide all the COVID FAQ for each country (i.e. open status, vaccination, testing, and quarantine requirements). 

Other Travel Services from iVisa

iVisa offers two main services apart from processing travel visa’s and documents. If you are from the United States, the United Kingdom, Ireland or Canada you are in luck! Why? Because iVisa will help renew your passport for you! No need to drive yourself crazy printing out the application, going to the post office and getting a money order. After you fill out your information on iVisa’s site, the service will send you a fully completed package (including a bank check and an envelope with postage) to send out to your government processing agency. All you will need to add is your old passport and mail it off!

Do you need a photo to go with your passport application? Again, you are in luck, as iVisa will allow you to upload a photo you took yourself (they provide the guidelines) and will print it in the appropriate dimensions according to your government’s guidelines.  If you are ordering a passport package, it will be sent along with it. If you want it sent alone, you can have iVisa send you a printed copy by mail or digital copies via email if you prefer to print it yourself. This photo service is available for citizens of most countries. You can also print photos for travel visas, green cards, work permits, or for any general purpose that may not even be travel related. Visit this page for more information or to print your own photo today!

And in Conclusion from Obtaining a Travel Visa...

iVisa.com is your ultimate guide to obtaining a travel visa. You can find visa information for most countries as a traveler of any nationality. iVisa is collecting more data on a daily basis and some countries information are still being updated. However, iVisa offers free, 24/7 support for any information that you may need which is not clearly outlined on the website. More importantly, iVisa is able to process any and all electronic travel visas and travel documents on your behalf, hassle-free and at a very low cost! This even includes COVID-19 documents! I used them myself for my trips to Turkey and to Sri Lanka! Oh, and don’t forget about their other services either, like passport renewal and photo services! Seriously, don’t wait – visit iVisa.com today! 

*Please note that some of the links above may be iVisa affiliate links. This means that Travels with Kayy may earn a small commission if you choose to pay for any if iVisa’s services using these links. However, this does not, by any means, comes at an additional cost to you!*

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obtaining a travel visa
obtaining a travel visa
obtaining a travel visa

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