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20 Reasons Why You Should Visit London


When people go to visit Europe, they seem to immediately go to one of two places: London or Paris. For this reason, some people may think these places are too touristy or “cliche” destinations. I can’t speak for Paris, as I have yet to visit the country of France.  However, I have been to London many times! As a result, I can say with absolute certainty this city deserves a top 10 spot on your must-travel list. If you still need some convincing, here are twenty reasons why you should visit London. 

1. The London Buses


Can anything be more iconic than these red double deckers? Not only are they everywhere, they are a very reliable and convenient form of transportation around the city of London. They are also, of course, very photogenic! 

2. The Pubs


The atmosphere cannot be beat at the traditional pubs that are all over London. My first experience as an American at a European pub was in the city of London and I was blown away at how much more relaxed it was than a bar in my hometown. London pubs truly have a culture of their own. 

3. The Size of the Beers

And speaking of the pubs…the size of the drinks are ridiculous (in a good way)! I don’t think I have ever seen a drink the size in that photo before my trip to London. 

4. English Breakfast


Fries for breakfast?? Amazing! I love how the English breakfast is focused on protein and providing energy for the day. This is opposed to American breakfasts, which are full of sugar and empty carbohydrates.  

5. Pret Coffee Shops


Every time I’ve gone into Pret A Manger, I’ve received coffee on the house so how could I not put it on the list of reasons why you should visit London? They now have Pret’s in New York (where I am from) but they originated in London, which is why I love having them when I am there.

6. The British Accents!

Of course! This probably doesn’t matter to a non-American, but for some reason, Americans tend get a kick out of listening to British accents. 

7. The Shops

So many of them look like they could have materialized right out of a storybook (like this candy shop… adorable!). 

8. The Beautiful Green Parks in the Middle of the City


Did you know almost 50% of London is green? Regent’s Park, Battersea Park, Greenwich Park, and London Fields are some of London’s most popular parks.

9. Buckingham Palace

It’s cool because the Queen really does live here! Oh, and I mean look at it… it’s a gorgeous building.

10. Big Ben


Its beautiful not only in the day, but also when it’s lit up at night! Big Ben is one of London’s most popular, historical attractions. It is the Great Clock of Westminster and is known for it’s huge bell, which rings every hour. 

11. London at Night

Speaking of Big Ben’s lights… the whole city looks insanely beautiful at night! Everything is lit up, including the London Eye!

12. The Underground

Because no other metro system in the world compares to it…  the Underground is fast, reliable & convenient!

13. The Red Telephone Booths


They are scattered all over the city and oh so photo worthy! Any Harry Potter fans in particular, will want a photo of them pretending to call the Ministry of Magic.

14. Harry Potter

So this should be a given buuuut you CANNOT walk through London without completely geeking out over everything Harry Potter. From Platform 9 and 3/4 at Kings Cross Station to Leadenhall Market (used as Diagon Alley in the films), London has it all!

15. The Story Behind the London Bridge


It’s pretty incredible. Please treat yourself and take a tour.I took the previously linked tour and had a wonderful time! Learn where the “London Bridge is Falling Down” song came from and how it was destroyed multiple times over the course of history.

16. Jack the Ripper

As horrifying as Jack may be, murder mysteries are fascinating and this one in particular is an integral part of London history. There are pretty awesome walking tours you can take to learn all about it!

17. London's History

And speaking of London history… this city is full of fascinating buildings that hold centuries of stories from the past. It may be worth reading up on some of the background as you take in the sights.

18. The Architecture


Annnnd I’m still obsessing over the buildings… But can you blame me?

19. The Neighborhoods


European neighborhoods are so picturesque, they will always be my favorite.

20. The River Thames

There is just something so magical about a river running through the center of a city… Some of my favorite cities in particular, are right by the water and London just happens to be one of those cities!

Did I miss anything in my list of 20 reasons why you should visit London? What was your favorite part of your trip to London?? Comment below or tweet me @travelswithkayy 

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