2 days in savannah
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2 Days in Savannah, Georgia: The Perfect Itinerary

Do you want to visit Savannah, Georgia? I highly recommend it! It’s a beautiful city, full of history, elegance, and charm. I decided to stay two days in Savannah, arriving early morning on a Saturday and staying until the following Monday. I visited in the springtime, around this time of year, and found the weather and flora blooming throughout the city to be just perfect. This post is a guide for 2 days in Savannah or less, as that is what I personally experienced, though I believe the city, and its surrounding area, contains enough treasure to visit for much longer. But I digress… below you will find a lovely outline, that caters to any budget, for 2 days in Savannah!

Where to Stay

When choosing accommodation for your 2 days in Savannah, you’ll want to stay in the Historic District. This is where all the best attractions and food are located. It’s also convenient to be able to walk everywhere right from your hotel! I did drive while I was in Savannah and it certainly was not the easiest. If I were to do it again I would probably skip the car rental and rely on my feet, or if too far to walk, Uber or Lyft instead.

Luxury Choice

Hamilton-Turner Inn is a once private home that has been converted into a 5-star historic luxury hotel. Located across the street from the famous Lafayette Square, it hosts 17 guest rooms and a separate three-bedroom guesthouse. All rooms and common areas are updated with modern amenities, yet keep their historic elegance. You can expect rates to run between $300 and $550 a night, depending on the time of year and room.

Moderate Choice

Double Tree by Hilton Hotel Savannah Historic District is in the perfect location for 2 days in Savannah. You can find it situated close to the riverwalk and city market, two major attractions. It offers both one and two-bed guest rooms as well as suites. I stayed here myself while visiting Savannah and had a great stay! You can expect rates to run between $150 and $350 a night, depending on the time of year and room. (Click here to learn how Hilton is handling the COVID-19 pandemic.)

Budget Choice

Unfortunately, few hotels, if any, run below $100 a night in the historic district. Your best option is to book with AirBnB. There are “entire places” available for rent that cost slightly over $100 a night. If you are looking for something between $50 and $100 a night, private rooms within an AirBnB host’s apartment or house are available. Keep in mind cleaning and service fees are attached when booking with AirBnB, however, this option will still be cheaper than a hotel.

Where to Eat

Luxury Option

The Olde Pink House is probably my favorite restaurant in Savannah. Not necessarily for the food, though it is highly rated. The Pink House is a photographer’s dream. Its elegant structure and bright pink color make for a gorgeous photo background. As far as food options go, lunch and dinner are both served at The Pink House. Entrees include seafood, poultry, beef, and pork, as well as one vegetarian choice on each menu. Salad and soup options are available, as well as appetizers on the dinner menu and “light bite” options for lunch. Lunch entrees average $16 a plate, while dinner entrees average $25-$30 a plate, though some seafood dishes are higher (up to $52!).
2 days in Savannah

Moderate Option (A)

The Pirate’s House is the oldest restaurant in the city, dating back to the 1700s! It’s named after the pirates and sailors who used to meet up for drinks and food after sailing into Savannah’s Port.  It serves lunch and dinner. Between 11am and 3pm you may choose to eat from a lunch buffet featuring traditional southern favorites for $16.95 a person. You may also choose from the lunch menu containing soups, salads, chicken or seafood entrees, and sandwiches. An average cost for a plate at lunch will run you about $15. The dinner menu also offers a variety of salad options, as well as seafood, chicken, pork, and steak entrees. These entrees run, on average $25, with the highest price being $32 for the filet mignon.

Moderate Option (B)

I decided to get brunch at Huey’s on the Riverwalk for my second day in Savannah. I walked along the cobblestone street until I found a place that had a menu that drew my interest. The restaurant is situated right on the river and is open for three meals a day while serving breakfast for brunch until 3 pm. I decided to get scrambled eggs, with a side of buttered wheat toast, rice, and red beans. The bread they served was the most delicious bread I have had. I even asked for seconds, and that says something because I mean, who asks for seconds on toast??
The beans were also delicious. Red beans are apparently a staple down in the south. I had no idea what they were when I ordered them, but I found the dish to be quite tasty. Unfortunately, Huey’s website was down at the time I am writing this post and I did not think to take a picture of the menu while there. However, I remember thinking the prices weren’t too expensive and, according to TripAdvisor, an entree will cost you between $12 and $22, which lines up with what I remember paying.

Budget Option (A)

Treylor Park has two locations in Savannah. It’s not necessarily a “budget” option if you are having appetizers, dessert and drinks with your meal. However, if you are conscious about what you are ordering, it can be. I went to both locations during my 2 days in Savannah. Treylor Park Savannah is more crowded and busy during dinner time than its counterpart, Double-Wide Diner. Because of the 45-minute wait for a table at Treylor Park Savannah, I chose to get my food to-go and brought it back to the hotel. I got the Caprese Sandwich with homestyle fries. It was a five-star meal for only $12! The restaurant serves many other sandwiches, as well as flatbreads, tacos, and salads! The entrees themselves are $15 at most, with the average being $12.
The Double-Wide Diner also offers sandwiches, tacos, and salads. It also offers some breakfast/brunch options, such as omelettes, “skillets,” biscuit plates, and other plate combinations with eggs. The Double-Wide Diner prices are comparable to Treylor Park Savannah.

Budget Option (B)

Lepoldi’s Ice Cream Shop serves some delicious homemade ice cream … or, so I’ve heard. The line for the shop wrapped around the block during my 2 days in Savannah and I didn’t have the motivation to stand in the line. I guess I didn’t want the ice cream badly enough. However, if you are an ice cream enthusiast, this is supposed to be a place to go!
2 days in savannah

What to Do

Totally Free Activity (A)

22 greenery-filled squares (read blooming gardens, grass, and moss-covered trees) with gorgeous paths and historical monuments, are scattered throughout the city of Savannah. Forsyth Park is the most popular, as well as the largest park in the city. It has a beautiful walkway through the park that leads to an impressive, bright white, fountain. You should definitely take time to visit at least a few of these parks during your time in Savannah. Aside from Forsyth Park, my favorites included Madison Square, Emmet Park, Reynolds Square, Monterey Square, and Chippewa Square.

Totally Free Activity (B)

There are many historic churches in Savannah that are worth checking out. They may suggest giving a donation, should you want to go inside, so perhaps it’s not totally free… but anyway… The Cathedral Basilica of St. John the Baptist is probably the most well-known, as well as the most stunning. Other beautiful and historic churches you may want to visit include the Temple Mickve Israel, the Independent Presbyterian Church, the Wesley Monumental United Methodist Church, and the First African Baptist Church.

2 days in savannah
2 days in savannah

Free to get in yet it’s up to you how much you spend! (A)

City Market is an outdoor square where cars cannot pass through, as it is solely for pedestrians, that is composed of shops and stores, with the occasional restaurant scattered in. What I love most about this place is that there are very few gimmicky souvenir shops here. Instead, I found unique stores with truly distinctive gifts to take home to friends and family.
Savannah’s Candy Kitchen was my absolute favorite. Upon entry, I was handed a freshly made praline sample (which was delicious!). My eyes then feasted on display after display after display of candy. I of course had to buy some! In a separate room, they sold popcorn, which was pretty neat!
Also in City Market I found an awesome treat to bring home to my meat-loving husband at the Beef Jerky Experience and a great little treat for my pup, Mila, at Woof Gang Bakery (an adorable pet shop!). City Market is an absolute must-visit in the city of Savannah!

Free to get in yet it’s up to you how much you spend! (B)

Lining the Savannah River is the most wonderful of places! It’s called the Riverwalk, a cobblestone street, lined with delicious restaurants, ice cream shops, markets, gift shops, and specialty stores. You could spend an entire day here and then some, shopping, eating, and taking photos. However, you can also get a good taste of what it has to offer in an afternoon, as I did if you are on limited time. Like City Market, this is an absolute must-see while in Savannah!
2 days in savannah
2 days in savannah

Low/Moderate Cost Activity (A)

Whenever I travel to a city, I try to pick at least one museum to visit during my trip. I like to include some education, wanting to learn something before departing my destination. After some research, I decided on the American Prohibition Museum. Located within City Market, the entrance fee is $16 at the door or $14 to buy in advance online. The museum will take you through a self-guided tour of the exhibits, which display information on the 13 years that prohibition lasted in the United States, from how it started to how it ended. At the end of the tour, you will find a 1900-esque speakeasy, where you can purchase a drink, as well as a gift shop. 

Low/Moderate Cost Activity (B)

Old Town Trolley Tours is the perfect activity if you only have one day to spend in Savannah! It covers pretty much everything I mentioned above and then some. I chose to take this tour when I first got to Savannah to get my bearings and have an introduction to the city, so I knew where I wanted to go back to that afternoon or the following day. I don’t always choose to go on tours like this when I travel, yet, I do recommend it when you are on limited time or want to see what a place has to offer before you go out on your own. This tour was also available in Saint Augustine, Florida (read about the city here).
The tour costs $33 online or $36 in person. Trolley stands are all throughout the city where you can buy tickets and the welcome center offers free parking with the purchase of a ticket. You can also buy discount tickets for some other attractions in the city (i.e. American Prohibition Museum) at the welcome center or other ticketing stands. The trolley tour itself includes 22 points of attraction, which you are allowed to hop off to visit, then hop back on at your leisure. A trolley comes by each stop every 15 minutes and I found it stayed pretty close on schedule.
There are different tour guides who share history about Savannah, in their own narration styles. While some were better than others, I had no complaints about any of them! Lastly, I found the seating to be comfortable and the guides made sure the trolley cars did not get too crowded. If you’re going to take a tour while in Savannah, I would say you should do this one for sure!
2 days in savannah
Have you been to Georgia? What do you think about this “2 days in Savannah” guide? Have you been to any of these attractions? How were they? Anything I’m missing? Comment below or tweet at me @travelswithkayy. I can also help you plan a trip to this gorgeous city. Contact me for more info.

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2 days in savannah
2 days in savannah
2 days in savannah

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