Tips For Saving Money On Flights
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10 Tips For Saving Money On Flights

Travel is a life-altering experience that can truly change the trajectory of your life if you allow it. I truly believe everyone needs to experience travel in one way or another throughout their life. Unfortunately, I know firsthand how expensive it can be to plan and book a trip. Flights, in particular, are a huge part of that expense. There are, however, ways to save money and lessen the cost of an airline ticket. Therefore I present my 10 tips for saving money on flights! Oh, but before you go, be sure to download my free guide to finding cheap flight deals!

My 10 Tips for Saving Money on Flights

1. Book a Basic Economy Ticket

 So these fares are in fact, basic. They only guarantee your spot on the plane. Everything else gets settled at check-in. These tickets do not come with a seat assignment or checked baggage. So yes, you will likely be stuck in a middle seat, but odds are it will save you 100 USD or more!

2. Travel with Only a Carry-On

Checked baggage costs money, we know this. So how about skipping it all together and packing everything you need into just a carry-on. Yes, I promise you can do it! Just check out this post I wrote here and use it as a packing guide for your next trip!

3. Utilize the Flexible Date Calendar

Are you able to be flexible with your travel dates? If so, it can save you a lot of money! Most flight search engines will have a price calendar that allows you to check out which times of the year are cheapest to fly to your desired destination. 

4. Long Layovers [a 2-for-1 deal]

Many international flights have extended layovers that can last upwards of 10 to 15 hours. You may find that these layovers occur at a destination that interests you. It is possible to arrange to leave the airport during these layovers and explore a city you have never been to! These flights also tend to be much cheaper than their nonstop counterparts.

5. Red-Eye or Early Morning Flights

Flights departing late at night or early in the morning are generally cheaper than mid-morning, afternoon, or early evening flights. 

6. Avoid Booking on Weekends

The jury is still out on which day of the week is truly best to book a flight. However, what we do know is that you should definitely avoid booking on the weekend. 

7. Look at Nearby Airports

You don’t always need to fly into your airport of choice. Perhaps there is an airport an hour away by train that is significantly cheaper to fly into. Do the math, you may find it is worth exploring other options. 

8. Bring Your Own Snacks and a Refillable Waterbottle:

Airport and airline food/drinks are outrageously expensive! Do yourself a favor and come prepared.

9. Always Join the Loyalty Programs:

You never know how often you will fly with an airline again in the future. Those reward points can really rack up and before you know it, you may have a free (or discounted) flight on your hands.

10. Use Credit Cards to Your Advantage

Check your credit cards before your next flight! Do they offer airline miles or travel rewards? You never know how much they might be able to save you!

I hope you enjoyed my tips for saving money on flights! I also have an amazing freebie for you to check out. It’s a guide to the three apps I always use to find travel deals. You can download a copy of your own right here. I hope you enjoy!

Tips For Saving Money On Flights

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tips for saving money on flights
tips for saving money on flights

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